How to Choose the Right Size When Making a Leotard, Swimsuit or Skating Dress

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Anonymous said…
Thanks for this. Lovely to have a professional give advice on fitting athletes.
Mary in Thailand
Unknown said…
Very informative post! Thanks so much!
AES said…
Thank you very much for this post! Yeah, I was thinking in the right direction when adjusting leotard patterns to body measurements. The best way to adjust skating patterns was new to me, so thanks a lot for the explanation. I will certainly use your guidelines in the future, when making leotard/ skating dresses for adults.
Kara said…
I would love it if you could do a tutorial like this for the mens skating bodyshirt pattern. My son's measurements are all over the place and I tried to use this tutorial to adjust it, but I wasn't sure if the same rules applied for fitting to a boy. He has a size 3 chest, size 4 hip and girth, and size 6 waist. I have not idea how to adjust that so it fits everywhere.
Emilie@Jalie said…
You can apply the same rules on all our patterns. With pattern 2802, the separate briefs section helps a lot! I would go with 4 everywhere (it will not be to big at the chest/sleeves since it's only one size up), tracing outwards to 6 at the waist notch (to remove the waist curve). Because the waist seam is very low (hidden in the pants), the measurement should be closer to 4 than 6 at the seam (closer to hips than navel), so it should fit well. I hope this helps :)
Anonymous said…
great stuff

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