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As you probably noticed on the video banner on this blog, we recently added video tutorials showing the techniques we use to sew knits and elastics. With all the positive feedback we received, we decided to go ahead and show how to sew our latest skating dress pattern (3136) from A to Z.

The dress has a neckline binding using the same technique as our dress pattern 3024 and our onesie pattern 3133. Go to 1:33 to view the binding technique and skip the first dress assembly steps.


Butterfly said…
Can you also use the neckline binding method for the leg openings. It doesn't have to be that tight because I'm adding a long skirt for dancing.
Great video! Thanks for putting this together!
Emilie@Jalie said…
Butterfly - We've never tried it and I'm not sure it would be tight enough to stay in place. Even though you are adding a long skirt, you wouldn't want a wedgie... If you think elastic makes the opening too tight, you can add some length to it to have less tension. If you like the look of the binding, you could use a foldover elastic... If you do try binding at leg openings, please let us know how it turns out!
Anonymous said…
Hello. I am doing the pattern number 2683. I am having problems with he skirt. The waist of the skirt is not the same saize as the bodice waist. Is very small. Do I have to stretch the skirt as I sew it? Because the different is very big. Thank you and sorry for my English
Emilie@Jalie said…
Anonymous - Make sure you have the two pieces for the skirt. It is a double circle. If the piece is way too small, that is probably the issue.
Unknown said…
I have two pieces for the skirt. Do I need four? If you give me an email I can send you same pictures. Thank you
Emilie@Jalie said…
please email to help(at)

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