Sneak Peeks... 8 of 10

Change of plans! I know we were supposed to show you a dance/skating pattern, but after an intense photo shoot with my 11 month old baby girl (who took her first steps 3 weeks ago and now won't stop walking), I wanted to share a few photos of our new onesies with you instead :)

"Shhhhh... Your little baby's sleeping..." Look at Éléonore listening carefully to her grandmother's story :)  I just loooove this picture!

3133 is a basic onesie pattern. It includes a choice of two binded necklines: boatneck or crew neck, sleeveless or with regular or puffed sleeve (short or long) and two little decorations (ruffles for girls, tie for boys) that really dresses up the onesie.

The onesie pattern is designed for four-way stretch fabric and as you can see on the pictures, the fit can change a lot depending on the fabric you use.

All onesies on the photos are the same size (6M + 1 inch for Éléonore who is 11 months old, but who only weighs 17 pounds. The extra 1 inch was not necessary but I didn't want her to outgrow her onesies before her first birthday! The purple/blue/green striped onesie looks snug (rib knit with spandex), the grey/black striped onesie (cotton/spandex) fits perfectly and the solid purple (rayon) one looks a bit too long... All bindings are sewn with the same technique as the 3024 dress and there is a three-button placket at the bottom.

If pattern 3133 becomes as popular as our diaper pattern, we will most probably come up with new baby patterns for knits.

I'm not sure I will have time to update the blog during the weekend, but if our last photo shoot goes well, I might be able to show you the last two patterns.

Good night!


BeccaA said…
Eleonore is adorable! I love the picture with Jeanne. What a cute pattern, too.
Deepika said…
Congratulations on Elenore walking. She is so adorable. Dia is wearing her striped onesie today! I love it and can't wait for the pattern. Its so nice that you've included long sleeve version too.
Connie said…
I'm so excited about this new pattern! With 4 grandchildren under the age of 2 (!!!) I'll be looking for more baby/toddler patterns from you!!

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