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I recently received many emails from people looking for our Women's Shirt (2322) and Jean Jacket (2320) patterns. Both were discontinued a while ago and since we will not reprint them, we decided to add them to our e-pattern line, along with the 2443 gymnastics leotard pattern.

You can now purchase them at Once you save a pattern to your computer, you can print/cut it as often as you need. Taping the pages is time consuming, but you don't need to trace it afterwards... Simply cut the pattern and print it again in the future if you need it in another size.


Mia said…
I LOVE the jeans jacket!!! Thanks for making it available again. Do I need letter sized paper to print it, or will it work to print it on A4 too?
Emilie@Jalie said…
The PDF pages are 8.5 x 11, but the pattern tile itself is narrow enough to print on A4 paper. Just make sure you DO NOT "resize to fit" and your printer will simply crop part of the white margins.

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