The New Sewing Patterns Are In!

Our latest sewing patterns are now in the warehouse (love the smell of fresh ink!). All pre-orders have been shipped and life is back to normal until baby girl arrives (it could be any day now) :)

I can't wait to read the first new collection review... What will it be? Dress, Skatewear, Swimwear?

I went for a family photo shoot and for the "belly shots", I wore a black wrap halter top with all-black yoga pants. I had to fold the waistband over because of the (huuuuge) belly, but it still looked very nice. Henri and his dad had matching black t-shirts

Because my bust measurement is pretty much all "ribs and back", let's just say that I needed less coverage for the wrap (it looked like the little girls' wraps on me and I wanted it a bit lower). We did a little alteration to reduce the width of the wrap on the side, but that took only a few minutes (no need to cut anything, two small stitches did the trick) and the result was exactly what I wanted. I will explain it in more details when I have some time to take pictures of it.


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