New Sewing Patterns Preview - 1 of 7

I know that many of you have been waiting for news of the upcoming collection for a while. Without further ado, here are some pictures of the first pattern to be release soon (before the end of the month): 3022 - Yoga Pants and Shorts

We recently discontinued pattern 2445 to replace it with this super-flattering, tighter fitting and more jogging-friendly pattern. The pattern will be available in 27 sizes.

Here are the main differences with pattern 2445:
  • Waistband has a hidden elastic (topstitching only visible on the wrong side of the waistband) that keeps the waistband from riding down
  • The outer waistband allows for fun color blocking (i.e. getting rid of tiny knit pieces in your stash that you just can't use for other project but that are too cute to throw away)
  • The leg is more fitted and the flare now fits much better over a pair of sneakers
  • There is a seam on the back of the leg that 1) makes it much easier to adjust for those (lucky) ones who have skinny thighs and 2) breaks the "not-as smooth-as-I-want-it-to-be" effect we sometimes get with workout pants when our fabric reveals just too much, especially if you topstitch it with your cover stitch or with a double needle

Of course, there is no need for me to explain when/where you can wear yoga pants. However, for those of you who think that only dancers and kids can wear the shorts, you too can wear them! You can easily use swimwear material to make yourself a pair of swim shorts with this pattern. Because of the waistband and back seam, they feel and look totally different from our 2446 bikini boy shorts.

Stay tuned for more previews... next up: something that you might want to pack for your next vacation (or that our Aussie friends will soon need!).


Unknown said…
Oh I can't wait until this pattern is available for purchase. It seems like I'm always having to pull up the yoga pants that I purchased RTW. Finally, no more downward dog, adjust, adjust. Well, you get the picture.
Johanna said…
I've heard rumors of a dress- please make that the next preview- pretty please!
Laura said…
This is EXACTLY what I've been looking for. Now I just need to find some time to sew.
Heather said…
Awesome! Can't wait fo this one!
BeccaA said…
I can't wait for the release of these yoga pants! I hope you have an easy delivery, as your due date is pretty soon.

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