Friday, December 11, 2009

New Patterns Now Available for Pre-Order

Here are links to the new patterns on our website:

Jalie 2915 - Dance Leotard and Tutu Skirt
Jalie 2916 - Strappy Unitard
Jalie 2917 - Freestyle and Dance Skating Dress (with skate boot cover)
Jalie 2918 - Men's T-Shirts
Jalie 2919 - Pleated Cardi and Vest
Jalie 2920 - Leggings, Stirrup Tights and Mini-Skirt
Jalie 2921 - Scarf-Collar Tops

You might also want to check with your local or favorite online retailer to see if you can pre-order from them (to save on shipping). I just sent all the pattern cover images and backs of patterns to online retailers.

The new collection should ship around December 23. Orders will ship on a first-in-first-out basis. If you are ordering on and want to make sure that yours ships before we close for the Holidays (Dec. 25 - Jan. 3), please place your order before December 18.

I haven't had time to put the instructions together in PDF format yet. They will be up next week.


Kathi said...

So excited about the new tops!! I would like to know what size buckle is best for the Scarf-Collar Top. I don't want to get the wrong size.

Emilie@Jalie said...

It depends on the thickness and how slippery your fabric is... But I would say anything around 2" would work.

Kathi said...

Thanks for such a quick response. I'll have everything ready to go when I get the pattern!

Lynn J said...

I've preordered mine! (scarf top & cardi) Now the tough part...waiting for them to arrive.

I have a slew of fabrics ordered - enough so far for 8 tops and 3 cardis! :D

Nishant said...

But I would say anything around 2" would work.

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teresa said...

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abba said...

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