A Little Dancer's Dream Come True

Every ballerina-to-be dreams or wearing a glittery tutu one day... Well... This lovely dancer we picked at a local dance school had the chance to not only wear a beautiful Jalie tutu, but also will be on the cover of our upcoming leotard + tutu pattern!

Here she is posing with Jeanne. She told us after the photo shoot that she was really happy she went to her dance class that morning after her soccer practice :)

The leotard has a special overlap design that covers the basque waistband (or any waistband: leggings, skirt or even jeans). As you can see on this picture, the leotard and tutu skirt are separate.

Here is a picture of the leotard with a mini skirt and stirrup tights:

The pattern will include a basque pattern and instructions showing how to sew the 5 layers of tulle. The tutu skirt on the picture has some hooping (to keep it looking like a "pancake" as much as possible), but it can be made without for a softer, bell shape.

The leotard will come in 22 sizes (like our skating patterns), so that grown women can wear it to dance class too! I plan on making one for my flamenco classes... I currently wear a tank top with a flamenco skirt and I hate that "bumpy" waistline (the elastic waistband has to be fairly tight to keep the skirt from going down... so it "digs" into my not-so-back-to-pre-baby-weight waist... The leotard overlap will hide it all!


Melissa said…
What a lucky girl - a day she'll never forget! :-)
karen said…
well, that's 3 out of 3 patterns that I need to buy so far.....
cidell said…
Wheee!! This is great. I'm totally going to order this with the other leotard and city coat :) Perfect!
Another great photo shoot.
It's nice to see that you picked someone from your local area - what a wonderful opportunity for this young girl.

Nice patterns so far :)
Emilie@Jalie said…
By the way, the mini skirt and stirrup tights you see on the leotard pictures will be in the new collection too (with a leggings pattern)... More details soon!
Nishant said…
This is great. I'm totally going to order this with the other leotard and city coat

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