Last-Minute Costume

We are so busy working on the upcoming collection that I totally lost track of time and thought for some reason that I still had plenty of time to come up with a clever costume idea for Henri...

On my way back from work on Thursday, I suddenly remembered that Friday was supposed to be early-Halloween at daycare... Grandma came to the rescue (once again!). I checked my costume stash and found a tattoo sleeved I had bought a while back and thought "Hey! That would work!". In fact, I saw the rocking tattoo tee on Stacy's blog and since Henri and Easton look alike, I was hoping he would look as cool as his US twin :)

It's a good thing that we will have a new Men's t-shirt (including a double-sleeve version) in the new collection - we had the pattern to make the t-shirt. We used the tattoo sleeve for one arm and sheer fabric (that we use for skating dresses) for the other. The sleeves were a bit long (which is not a big deal for a normal tee, but it looks a bit odd with the tattoo sleeve...) but... it's daycare and last minute...

Then, iron-on transfer and tadam! A Halloween costume he could wear inside for the day. My mom made a super cute "studded" bracelet using snaps and leftover fabric from the t-shirt... It was awesome, but Henri didn't want to wear it... That's why he's crying on the picture.

Finishing touch: I found a cheap mini-guitar at a department store (which he loved) and we were ready Friday morning to rock daycare!

Thank you Stacy for the inspiration! It's too sad that Quebec is wayyyy to cold at this time of the year to go trick-or-treating with only a t-shirt on... I'm planning on making a little viking costume Henri could wear over his jacket... He should wake up in about 2 hours... Wish me luck!

Stay tuned, I might post some new collection previews (like this one) from time to time :)


Kathi said…
Oh my, I don't know if I should look at new items or not!! Jalie has become something of an obsession for me lately!! I just love everything I have made!! I do not need more patterns!!!!!
Henri looks adorable!!!!
Very cute outfit. He looks cool :)
Would love to see previews.
sewingsue said…
Henri looks so cure! Can you give us any ideas on what's coming out?

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