Jeans Alteration

I've been trying to keep track of the Jeans Sew Along posts on Pattern Review, but with 31 pages of posts and many threads going on at the same time, I'm having a hard time figuring out who did what with which pattern and who needs what kind of information.

I did read a post about gaping issues at center back with pattern 2908. I posted a reply that contains a link to pictures I took of my Gaposis Fix.

I decided to put the link here too since some of you probably don't know about the Jeane Sew Along but still would like to see how to do a quick alteration for this fairly common fitting issue.


These are wonderful pictures, Thank you :)
okie2thfairy said…
Thanks for showing me how to get rid of that. I always have that problem with jeans unless I get them skin tight. Can't wait to finish my pair.
Rose said…
fantastic--thank you! I'm still waiting for my pattern to arrive, but this alteration will be helpful!
Heather M said…
Thank you for the pics! That helps me out a lot since I tend to have this problem, too. I'm gonna try that next time!
Amy said…
The photos seem to be gone...have you posted them elsewhere? Thanks!
Anonymous said…
I know its a year later but the link doesn't work :-(
any chance of a fix?
Anonymous said…
Where are the pictures on how to correct gaposis of jeans?

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