584 Reviews and Counting...

I checked today and there are already 584 Jalie reviews on Pattern Review! I really want to thank all of you who take the time to sit in front of a computer (after hours cutting and sewing) to share your passion with the world.

I'm proud to annouce that the person who writes the 600th Jalie review on www.patternreview.com will win a free Jalie pattern. With the upcoming collection being launched very shortly, you could get a new pattern for free!

Now I have to start thinking about a cool idea for review #1000... Any suggestions? :)


Alex said…
That's exciting! hmm, for the 1000th pattern... Perhaps it's too much work for you guys or too much wait time for the winner, but if the winner sent in a couple of pattern ideas and then you guys drafted up one of those ideas as a pattern for your next collection (only if you think it would sell as well). You could even set up a poll to see which of the choices is most popular by your readers.

But like I said, perhaps a bit too much work!

Either that or 4 free patterns as it's the 4th give-a-way!

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